Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rathiriyil Poothirukkum

Music has been an on and off thing until as recently as last year. A chance visit to Murali's blog and joining Bay Area's Telugu band, Aavakai, slowly started bringing back motivation to start singing again. An extreme amateur as far as singing is concerned, this is my first baby step into the audio-blogging world. With loads of encouragement coming from highly talented folks like Murali and Meera, I hope to continue to maintain and update this blog regularly with hopeful improvement over time...:)

My first attempt is this song, Raathiriyil Poothirukkum, sung with Meera. Being a telugu-speaking guy, I have a lot to work on with my Tamil pronunciation as Murali already pointed out to me.

Song: Raathiriyil poothirukkum
Movie: Thanga Magan
Composer: Ilayaraja
Singers: SPB and S Janaki
Perfromed by: Meera Manohar, Narayanan Raju